Introducing PCS Log Scanning

Finally, an affordable driver log scanning solution. From PCS Software, designers of the number one selling dispatching system in the country, comes the newest, easiest to use and least expensive log scanning system in the country.

  • No pre-sorting required
  • It takes one second per log to read all log data
  • Reads Driver ID, Miles, Date and Grid
  • Checks for driver signature
  • Checks for Pre-Trip and Post-Trip Checks
Annotated Intro Screen | PCS Log Scanning

How It Works

It's not enough to just read the grid. It's helpful – sure – and it saves time, but if you still have to pre-sort the logs, input driver names or numbers or anything like that then your overall time savings isn't much better than if you had just keyed in a log the old way. So we made a better way.

Annotated Daily Log Screen | PCS Log Scanning
  • First, we read the driver's ID number and log date. Reading these two pieces of information means we don't need the logs to be sorted in any order at all.
  • Then we check to make sure the driver signed the log. This isn't a robust inspection. Basically, if the driver puts anything at all on the signature line, it will be accepted.
  • Then we read the miles. This is so we can check for speeding violations.
  • The grid is the next thing. We read every turn and we don't need the driver to be especially neat about it. If he gets any sort of line in any of the grid's boxes we'll find it.
  • Lastly, we make sure the driver has checked the pre-trip and post-trip boxes for any days that he was not off duty.

Process Results Summary

After you run your logs through your scanner, you’ll see a screen like this one. You can expect good results. If your drivers make even a half-decent effort to fill out their logs correctly, we'll be able to read them. The best case scenario: You can audit your fleet and never touch the keyboard.

Process Results Summary Screen | PCS Log Scanning

Log Corrections

If you do have to correct something prior to running the audit, you'll have one very easy-to-use screen to get it done. This screen highlights any logs with read errors so you can quickly correct them and move on.

Log Corrections Screen | PCS Log Scanning

Audit Logs

Once all your logs are scanned you are ready to move on, it takes just one click to run the audit. Once it's done, you're done

Audit Logs Screen | PCS Log Scanning

Log Scanning Reports

PCS Log Scanning includes a complete reporting system with a wide variety of reports, customizable driver warning letters and export capabilities.

Log Scanning Reports Screen | PCS Log Scanning